What is the best way to invest in China?
A: The most direct way to penetrate the China market is to set up local presence. There are various forms of investment vehicles available to suit different business objectives and operations. Other than financial institutions, a foreign company still cannot set up a branch office in China at the moment. Setting up a representative office has been the simplest way to get into China and gain on-the-market experience. If your investment involves a Chinese partner, you should probably go for setting up either a Sino-foreign equity joint venture or a cooperative joint venture. Otherwise, a wholly foreign-owned enterprise will allow you greater management control and flexibility. The setting up of a foreign-invested shareholding company is another relatively new option.

Why establish a Franchising in China?
A: No market in the world presents as much potential for franchising as China.
The country is creating a business environment on par with international standards. Improvements to infrastructure and the regulatory environment have made it much easier to operate in China.
All restrictions to foreign-invested franchising were lifted early 2005.
The effects of private enterprise and stronger consumer power are also spreading throughtout the country and paving the way for new business grow. In 2004, retail sales in the key cities of Guangdong, Shanghai and Beijing soared by as much as 15%.
These developments are further fueling an already booming China franchise market, with more foreign franchisors entering the market than ever before. Over 3,000 new franchises opened for business across China in 2004. And by 2010, franchise sales are expected to account for over 30% of the nation's total retail sales.

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